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East Warren

Tool Library

16006 East Warren

Detroit, MI

(313) 924-5585


  "A book library but for tools!"                     

E. Warren Tool Library (EWTL) is in the heart of Detroit's MorningSide Neighborhood (D4) located at 16006 E. Warren. EWTL is designed to allow community members and organizations a chance to access tools at a low cost. We have staff and volunteers who will help you find the right tool and give you training to ensure proper usage.

Individual Tool Lending Program​

This program is meant for an individual resident of Detroit, be that a homeowner or renter.  If a household is composed of several members, we ask that each member purchase an individual membership.

Yearly memberships are based on personal income, and we don't require proof of income.  With a membership there are no rental fees.  A total of four tools can be checked out for seven days.  Late fees are minimal, with a charge of $2 per tool for each day late.  If you're running late, just call us! 

          Income               Yearly membership fee

< $25,000                               $25

$25,001 to $50,000                 $50

$50,001 to $75,000                 $75

$75,001 to $100,000                 $100

Community Group Lending Program​

With this membership we will bring the tools your community group needs for their projects right to your doorstep.  So if you're organizing neighborhood clean ups, or house restorations, give us a call and we will provide all the tools you need.

Membership fees start at $100 and depend on the size and scope of the group.

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